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For over 40 years Systran has been a leader in the translation industry and continues to deliver superior technology and products.

Systran translation software gives you the ability to translate documents into different languages and then improve the translation's accuracy even more with state-of-the-art translation tools. Systran is changing the way the world views translation software!

Available in over 128 Languages with more in development:
English to and from - Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Dutch, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic and more!


SYSTRAN Translation Software Essentials Professional Translator Software Enterprise Translation Software Pure Neural Translation Software

SYSTRAN Essentials

Entry level translations, perfect for families and home users. Translate from Microsoft WORD, Excel and Powerpoint.

Great for personal communication, chat and small translation jobs.

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SYSTRAN Professional

Translation for small office or home users. Installs translation buttons into into your Microsoft Office program. Translate files while you are in MS Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook email while maintaining your document's format.

Professional dictionaries give you higher level of accuracy.

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SYSTRAN Enterprise

Perfect for companies that need to translate behind thier own firewall for security. Up to 20 users are included and choose from 5 langugage pairs.

Includes the new highly accurate Pure Neural Translation technology. Perfect for any size company.

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Now you can get the power of SYSTRAN Enterprise without the cost. This new product includes Pure Neural translation technology, 10 language pairs, API, MS Office plugins, unlimited translations and more.

Nothing to install, secure partion for your company, perfect for companies and translation agencies. Increase productivity and deliver incredibly accurate translations.

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What can Translation Software do for you?

Translate Full Documents

  • MS Word
  • Emails
  • Web Pages
  • Power Point
  • Excel Documents
  • PDF Files

Proven Savings

  • Instantly Translate Documetns
  • Reduce translation cost
  • Provide Consistent Translations
  • Fast understanding of foreign content
  • Reuse of texts already translated
  • Research & Development

Corporate Solutions

  • Technical Support
  • Communication Tool
  • Foreign speaking employee
  • Training Online
  • Translation Tools
  • Most Popular Languages

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